Dear Dr Mary and Mel,

 I recently attended your clinic with our 3 year old twin boys. This was the boys first visit to the dentist and we were not really sure how they would go. The warm welcome we received by Mel put us at instant ease and the boys were excited by the site of Mr Toothy and the promise of a Dora toothbrush.

With one child reluctant to have his check-up you both kindly involved him in the check-up of his brother Harry and to our surprise not long after the reluctant Charlie, was saying “Dr Mary, can you please do some things to my teeth too?”! After a successful visit I have to sincerely thank you for the time and patience you showed us and the boys.

 The boys still talk about Dr Mary and the way she showed them how to brush their teeth, and they are both very quick to this day to correct the other and say “ Thats not how Dr Mary said to do it”!

We have finally found our  family dental clinic and we can’t thank you enough for making what could have been a stressful experience into one the children loved and look forward to going back.

 Keep up the great work,

Warm regards,