Privacy Policy


Williams Landing Dental Clinic Privacy Policy.

We respect your right to privacy and we have systems in place to ensure we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. This statement is a brief summary of our practice’s privacy policy. Our complete policy is available on request.

Our practice Williams Landing Dental Clinic collects health information about you in order to provide you with dental services.
Personal information collected such as your name, address, contact details, health
insurance and financial details are also used to address accounts to you, process payments,
collect unpaid invoices via an external collection agency and to contact you about our
services and any issues affecting your health care.
We may collect your health information from other health care professionals, or disclose it to them if, in our judgement, it is necessary in the context of your care.
If you choose not to provide us with information relevant to your care, we may not be able to provide a service to you, or the service we are asked to provide may not be appropriate for your needs. Importantly, you could suffer some harm or other adverse outcome if you do not provide us with relevant information.

We will securely store your records, such as x-rays, treatment and personal details, and any other material relevant to your care.

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